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Travel cancellation and withdrawal

A trip may not be able to be taken for a wide variety of legitimate reasons, which is why the cancellation of a hotel booking is often unavoidable. As a commercial enterprise, a hotel also calculates with predictable sales. In the event of a cancellation of a booking, this is associated with financial losses for a hotel, which are to be partially compensated by charging cancellation fees.

Depending on the contractual scope of services, travel cancellation insurance in most cases covers these cancellation fees for the guest. From therefore the conclusion of a travel resignation insurance is advised in the apron of a journey in each case. This is possible with many insurers even until shortly before arrival and without long-term contract commitment. At this point we would like to recommend the travel insurance of Allianz.Cancellation is free of charge up to four weeks before the date of arrival. After this time, a cancellation fee of 80 percent of the booking price will be charged. The same applies in case of no show, late arrival or early departure (pro rata cancellation fees for the respective periods).Cancellation should be communicated to the reception as early as possible by phone or in writing via e-mail or via our contact form. With timely information, the canceled room may be assigned to other guests and cancellation fees may be reduced or avoided completely - however, we can not always guarantee this and depends significantly on a timely information of the reception by the guest.