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For your orientation we want to give you here an overview of our prices. Please note that its average prices and prices per person, which differs because of season and period of stay.

Double-, family- and multi bed rooms

Prices per person and day inclusive breakfast

Cat. A

shower, toilet, balcony, TV, radio, telephone, lakeside, free WiFi

60,00 to 70,00 €

Cat. B

shower, toilet, balcony/terrace, TV, radio, telephone, south or garden side, free WiFi

58,00 to 65,00 €

Cat. C

shower, toilet, TV, radio, telephone, two bed room, north or southside, free WiFi

47,00 to 53,00 €


shower, toilet, balcony, TV, radio, telephone, gardenside, for max. 4 person, free WiFi

42,00 to 50,00 €


shower, toilet, balcony*, TV, radio, telephone, east- or nothside, for max. 5 person***, free WiFi

36,00 to 45,00 €

Triple bed room

shower, toilet, mansard, TV, radio, telephone, westside, max. 3 person, free WiFi

42,00 to 49,00 €

Single room and other service

Prices per person/servie per day inclusive breakfast

Cat. B    

single room

79,00 bis 95,00 €

Cat. A

double- as single room

90,00 to 105,00 €

Cat. B

double- as single room

85,00 to 98,00 €

Cat. C

two bed- as single room

79,00 to 95,00 €

Overnight stay for children until 3 years in parents´ bed   
breakfast fee for children until 3 years
child´s bed**

0,00 €

5,00 €
8,00 €

additional bed** for children until 12 years including breakfast    
additional bed** for children between 12 until 18 years including breakfast

16,00 €

20,00 €

additional bed** for adults from 19 years on including breakfast

22,00 €

dogs (without food)

10 €

Including in all prices is the sales tax of 7 or 19%.

* Balcony to the eastside in the family apartment is only possible with occupancy of the two bed room. Further information you will find here.
** Only possible in category A and some rooms in category B.
*** Price per person depends on the whole nomber of guets.